Husky Trekking

With 30 sled dogs for you to meet, we provide a range of exciting experiences, including Husky Trekking; a sport which gives you the opportunity to drive your own team of dogs on a two-wheeled scooter around our purpose-built husky trail, with its two exciting down-hills. Trekking gives you the opportunity to see this amazing breed in action, and is ideal for those searching for an adrenaline rush, or for those who want a more relaxed session we can tailor your session to suit your individual abilities.

We offer sessions ranging from 1½ hours to 2½ hours (when combined with a hike, see our hiking page).

All trekking sessions include a full kennel visit to meet and learn about our 30 sled dogs, full training and safety equipment, along with your trekking experience, and of course lots of time to get to know the dogs!

Call our booking line on 01723 870521, or enquire today via phone or email on

Packages and Pricing
One lap trekking session (approx 90 mins) £25 per person
Hiking session (approx 90 mins) £25 per person
Combined trek and hike: One lap (approx 2 ½ hours) £40 per person
Kennel Visit (approx 40 mins) £20 for up to 4 people. Additional people £5 each. Any spectators attending with trekkers/hikers will pay kennel visit rates
Birthday Parties £25 per guest, minimum 5 guests. Cake and drinks included with unlimited spectators at no extra cost.
Any of the above can be bought as a gift voucher for a unique gift: call our booking line on 01723 870521. Click here for our full terms and conditions.

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