Pesky Husky Terms and Conditions

These are our Terms and Conditions for your booking with Pesky Hushy. Please read before booking:

  1. All sessions must be booked and paid in full in advance via our booking line on 01723 870521. Pesky Husky are not obliged to rearrange any session once it has been booked. However, if you do need to rearrange a session in case of an emergency, please make Pesky Husky aware as soon as possible, in order to discuss rearrangement options.
  2. Visitors must sign a disclaimer ensuring they are physically fit and able to participate in their session. Pesky Husky must be made aware of any illnesses, medication, or conditions such as pregnancy which may affect your ability to participate. All Pesky Husky experiences are active outdoor activities and are therefore undertaken at your own risk, so please enquire if you are unsure if you are suitable to participate.
  3. This activity is an outdoor pursuit and is therefore weather-dependant. Pesky Husky reserve the right that in extreme weather conditions which would compromise the health and safety of participants or the dogs such as extremely wet, windy, or snowy conditions or if it is too hot, your session will be postponed to a later date. You will not receive a refund in these circumstances.
  4. Participants must be willing to take instruction throughout the session, but especially during your training, and must use safety equipment provided. If you are unwilling to do so, you will not be covered by our insurance and will therefore not be allowed to participate. You will not receive a refund for your session in this case.
  5. If Pesky Husky deems that you are unable to participate safely due to physical inability or inability to follow instruction, you will not be allowed to participate. You will not receive a refund for your session in this case.
  6. You must arrive on time for your Pesky Husky experience. Failure to do so may result in your session being shortened or cancelled. You will not receive a refund for your session in this case.
  7. Hiking and Kennel Visit Gift vouchers are valid for one year. Gift vouchers will not be extended after this date, so please allow plenty of time to book your session within the validity period. Gift vouchers are NOT available for our Trekking sessions.
  8. If you are booking the Hiking Session with a picnic lunch, you must advise us when booking if you, or anyone in your party, has any special dietary requirements or allergies.


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